Saturday, June 3, 2023

Attention Deficit Delight, Vol. 8.5: Chill Wizzard, Sorcerer of Spin

The Chill Wizzard
My newly acquired, gently used Chill Wizzard in its original packaging.

Respect the Chill.

A few days ago, I expressed frustration with all the spin in Oxford, specifically the necessity of spinning warm beer in ice because it isn’t sold cold in stores.

I received a nice note from J. Stern, recently retired assistant athletics director for Ole Miss Sports Production. You can thank J.’s leadership for those fantastic video productions the athletic program puts out. You may also remember him from one his rare appearances in front of the camera here. He’s the bearded guy at the bottom left of the frame enjoying Henderson’s performance.

He explained that when he interviewed for his job at Ole Miss in 1990, he was informed cold beer wasn’t sold in Oxford. So, en route to Oxford to begin his life here, he purchased the Chill Wizzard. Yes, two Zs. Anything with two Zs has to be good.

J. is moving on from Oxford and jettisoning some belongings and said he wouldn’t be needing the Wizzard anymore. That afternoon, he dropped it off for me at the office. I’ll get a good week or so of use out of it before the city government renders it obsolete. I wish I’d known about it in 1990, too.

I feel like Ali G, amazed by the “techmology.” Here’s how it works:


“You got to respect the Chill,” J. said. Indeed, RESPEK.


— Tad Wilkes, Nightlife & Entertainment Editor,