Thursday, November 30, 2023

“Pinking Shears” Makes Appearance at Gateway Festival

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It was food, fun and music at the Charleston, MS, Gateway Festival held Saturday. Among the attractions were a pig named “Pinking Shears” and her piglets, Paper and Rock. Liz Fedric Reynolds of Water Valley brought the fiberglass porkers and says they are relatives of Charleston’s famous Scissors, thought to be the world’s largest pig tipping the scales at over l,000 pounds. Ms. Reynolds, husband of Representative Tommy Reynolds, brought a wooden pig likeness last year and plans a bronze pig for next year.

“Yep, Charleston has me on a pig kick,” she says. “I can’t help myself, I’m hooked!”.

Some of Ms. Reynolds 1969 classmates of Charleston (East Tallahatchie) High School are pictured with the prize pigs.