Thursday, November 30, 2023

Top 3 Places for Ole Miss Students to Study with a Cup of Coffee

Darn, we missed it!  September 29 was National Coffee Day, and due to a lack of caffeine, we weren’t awake enough to notice.  Don’t let that happen to you.  When studying is a must, try grabbing a cup of Joe in one of these three coffee hot spots here in Oxford.

1. High Point Coffee

highpointHigh Point Coffee has two locations in Oxford. The Square location is probably best known, but other customers like the Jackson Avenue option. Both locations feature seating areas inside and outside. Customers can access free WI-Fi, and a wide variety of coffee and edibles. Some of the special brews include Magnolia Blend, Breakfast Blend and “Hotty Toddy” coffee.  Gabi Webb is an Ole Miss sophomore who likes the vibe.  “The environment in High Point is great. I love their coffee, and it’s always pretty quiet.”

 2. Barnes and Noble Bookstore

photo-3For students who don’t want to leave campus, the upstairs location of the Barnes and Noble bookstore is another spot to hit the books with a cup of coffee. Kelley Servenka is a sophomore at Ole Miss who says the crowds that can sometimes form at the counter don’t bother her. “I love going to the Union bookstore. The chairs are really comfortable.  It can get somewhat busy, but the people are just really respectful. It’s a place that I can go and get a lot of studying done.”  Like other coffee spots, this one has an array of iced and hot coffee products, sandwiches and pastries.

3. Starbucks

libraryAfter the 2011 grand opening of Starbucks in the J.D. Williams Library, students began swarming to this study location. Popular for its convenience, the larger seating area in the library provides space for students to meet in groups and discuss projects, as well as quiet areas for individual studying. Ole Miss sophomore Charity Clark said, “The library is one of the most quiet places I’ve found on campus to go and study.” Imagine that – a quiet library — what will they think of next?

Story contributed by Tara Chills, Ole Miss journalism major,