Friday, September 29, 2023

Logan Development Group Establishes Collegiate Career Placement Program


Recruitment Consulting Firm Will Utilize Deep Talent Acquisition Portfolio to Assist Top College Students in Securing Their First Job Out of School

Oxford Mississippi –The Logan Development Group, the national business-consulting firm with experience in over 30 states and over 100 organizations, launched today their elite collegiate career placement program which will give the top college students a point of entry to their first job out of school.

The program will offer students invaluable advice on research and etiquette, exposure to a network of over 2000 professionals across the country, aid in the creation of professional resumes, and ensure a 100% placement rate. The program is slated to take approximately four months for each student, but will not end until each participant is employed. Members will be selected through an application process and be announced by October 21.

“Over the past several years specializing in executive search and placement, we have collaborated with numerous college students in preparing them for the job market,” said Daniel Logan, founder of the Logan Development Group. “With so many graduates struggling to find employment after school, we are excited to launch a program that will not only give the top college students around the country their first job, but a path to their dream job.”

Acceptance into the program will be extremely competitive with a goal acceptance rate of 10%. The junior, senior and graduate students who are accepted will gain access to the Logan Development Group’s expertise and network of thousands of executives, companies, and organizations.

The Cost of the program is free for the selected students. The Logan Development Group will utilize crowdfunding to support the cost of the program, and offer three levels of funding for individuals, businesses, and corporate sponsorships.

To apply for The Logan Development Group’s Collegiate Career Placement Program, and for additional information please visit: