Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Merchandise Sales Affected By Rebel Record, Good or Bad

Ole Miss tableware at University Sporting Goods

When the football team faces a losing streak, it’s more than Ole Miss spirits that are lowered. Sales at retail stores specializing in Ole Miss merchandise are affected by the ups and downs of the football season, too.

“Sales are directly related to the attendance of the game,” Eric Finch, property manager at the Rebel Shop said. “So yes, the more excitement around the team, the bigger the turnout and better sales.”

“Sales fluctuate game-by-game,” said Jessica Egan, four-year employee at Rebel Shop. Although the turnout depends on the team’s success on the field, stores still experience regulars and die-hard fans, like Archie Manning, club-card member at the Rebel Shop.

Ole Miss hats from the Rebel Shop
Ole Miss hats from the Rebel Shop

When sales are high, what are people getting? MacKenzie Lowery, a manager of University Sporting Goods, said polos and game-day hats are the store’s most popular items. Blankets, jackets, cheerleading uniforms and customized youth jerseys are the rage on game-day, too. Egan mentioned pompoms are a popular sale at Rebel Shop, even though they are given at the games for free.

When the game is on our field, sales are also affected by when the game starts.

“Best game starts are traditionally early afternoon games,” Finch said. “[It] allows for a longer shopping day. With evening kickoffs, we miss out on the post-game buyers.”

However the game goes and whenever it starts, Finch said thousands of people visit Rebel Shop, not to mention its other concessions locations.

–Story contributed by Ole Miss Journalism student Kristen Stephens kmstephe@go.olemiss.edu.