Thursday, December 8, 2022

UM Pharmacy Students Organize Jackson Outreach Event

About 30 pharmacy students participated in the Pharm at the Parham event.

‘Pharm at the Parham’ connects students and profession with community

Reaching out to provide service and assistance to the Jackson community, University of Mississippi pharmacy students recently organized a health awareness event at Parham Bridges Park.

During “Pharm at the Parham,” about 30 students provided a number of services to the public, including measuring blood glucose, blood pressure and body mass index, and medication use counseling.

“We as a student body are always eager to put what we learn in the classroom to good use for our community, while bringing public attention to services that our profession offers in addition to drug expertise,” said Thomas Webb, a Philadelphia, Miss., native in the fourth professional year of pharmacy school at Ole Miss. “With this in mind, it just made sense to pursue holding an event of this nature in a setting as inviting as Parham Bridges.”

Webb, a community service co-chair for the pharmacy school’s student body, directed organization of the Oct. 5 event.

“In the beginning, I brainstormed with several of my pharmacy student classmates who were interested in figuring out how we could provide services at the park,” Webb said. “As the summer came to an end, student event leaders and I finalized key topics that would provide meaningful interaction with park attendees.”

Erin Garrett, Ole Miss News Desk