Sunday, May 28, 2023

Lunch Watch: Tater Tot Casserole at Lindsey’s Chevron

photo copyRainy day carb-loading at plate lunch haven.

At the corner of North Lamar and Jefferson is a plate-lunch hotspot. Lindsey’s Chevron offers hot lunch every day, and one of today’s entree choices is their comforting tater tot casserole—an oozing mish-mash of tater tots, ground beef, and cheese. I went inside Lindsey’s intending to get one of their prepared salads out of the cooler. My good intentions of light eating were thwarted, as usual, by the fact that the hot lunch selections are located strategically between the front door and the cooler. The tater tot casserole whispered, “Salad? Wow.”

For sides, I went with fries and a roll, though there were several other options. I considered turnip greens but feared they would disturb the delicious sanctity of my entirely brown-and-beige box of food. I’m superstitious that way. I also was afraid the greens were too low-carb for this plate lunch party.

— Tad Wilkes,