Thursday, June 8, 2023

Reminiscing the Annual Oxford Christmas Parade

As a lifelong Oxford resident, the first Monday in December has always been my favorite night of the year. It never matters if we’re still feeling the end of summer or the temperature drops below freezing, we always attend the annual Oxford Christmas Parade sponsored by the local Lions Club.

Growing up, I often walked the mile long route to the Lyceum for the University Christmas Tree lighting. Now, my family and friends congregate in front of Mrs. Peggy’s house on North Lamar to watch the latest generation of parade participants file past.

Last night was no different. We were pelted with Laffy Taffy and Candy Canes. We received our annual collection of plastic Dominos cups. And best of all, we waved and celebrated the friends and family we knew riding in the parade.

In the spirit of Christmas and my personal favorite night of the year, here are some pictures from last night’s Christmas Parade.

Happy Holidays from all of us at!

– Kate Sinervo, Managing Editor,