Saturday, August 13, 2022

Unknown Hinson With Moon Pie Curtis at Proud Larrys’ Friday

Unknown Hinson: He makes love like Drackler.
Unknown Hinson: He makes love like Drackler. Wimmerns like that.

Part vampire, part hard-living ’60s country crooner, part guitar virtuoso, Unknown Hinson’s undead white trash voice is known to most as that of Early Cuyler on Adult Swim’s Squidbilllies. The “real” Unknown’s world isn’t far off from Early’s. Brilliant lyrics lay down the Hinson law on women, drink, drugs (he don’t take dope, hayull nope), violence, and Dracklers, sung against the backdrop of classic country arrangements. Odes, ballads, and rockers fill the Hinson repertoire, with titles such as “I Make Faces When I Make Love,” “I Won’t Live in Sin With You,” and “I Aint Afraid of Your Husband.”

But enough of our yappin’—get to know Unknown Hinson better by clicking here.

And a couple samples:


Moon Pie Curtis. Photo by Mike Stanton.
Moon Pie Curtis. Photo by Mike Stanton.

Opening the show will be Oxford songwriter Moon Pie Curtis, whose song list includes “Statutory Blues,” “Baby Got Ahold of Some Cocaine,” “I’d Like to Drink (But I Can’t)” and “I Wish I Was Burt Reynolds.”


The show starts around 9:30. Tickets are $15. For more information, visit


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