Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Expanded My Michelle's Now Serving Daily Lunch

My Michelle's already has offered a salad bar, but the newly expanded space will showcase a full lunch buffet and sit-down dining.
My Michelle’s already has offered a salad bar, but the newly expanded space features a lunch buffet and sit-down dining.

After building momentum in its first few years of catering and personal chef business, My Michelle’s has expanded its space at 1308 North Lamar (across the street from Lamar Lounge) to add a sit-down restaurant component, which is now open and serving lunch daily.
Owner Michelle Rounsaville has been churning out fresh, homecooked meals from one suite in the building but has now knocked down walls to take over two more suites. The new addition offers buffet-style lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. from a 16.5-foot hot/cold bar. My Michelle’s will continue to purvey its grab-and-go casseroles and dips.
“I’m so excited about the expansion, not only because it brings me back to my restaurant roots, but it is also a great opportunity to introduce a different concept to Oxford,” Rounsaville says. “Some of the different menu options to look for are our homemade soups, casseroles, fresh veggie sides, bigger salad bar, and grilled and smoked meats. But don’t expect to see your typical lunch buffet; not only will there be a lot to choose from, but everything will be fresh, and there will be some healthy items, too.”
My Michelle’s already had a small salad bar for the public in its existing suite, but the new buffet is worth knocking down walls, Rounsaville says.
“With the number of inquiries I have received about in-store dining since opening, expanding with lunch just made sense for us.”
For more information and updates, visit My Michelle’s online.
— Tad Wilkes,