Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Charges Still Possible for Students in Meredith Statue Defilement

Students placed a flower at the foot of the Meredith statue after the incident.

Students placed a flower at the foot of the statue after the incident. checked this morning with the FBI’s public affairs specialist in Jackson Deborah Madden to find out what progress has been made in the Meredith statue case. 
Madden says FBI rules prohibit updates beyond the characterization that the “investigation is ongoing.”
Madden adds the policy is meant to protect the prosecution of the case and the rights of suspects.
In a statement made by the special agent in charge of the case Daniel McMullen two weeks ago, he said, “The FBI is looking into the circumstances regarding this incident, which we take very seriously. These actions may constitute a federal offense if they were intended to threaten someone because of their race and in connection with their use of an educational facility. Federal threat of force cases are very fact specific, and we do not have sufficient information at this time to determine if a federal crime has occurred.”
The University of Mississippi Police have said the case has been handed over to the FBI.
Three 19-year-old Ole Miss students, all from Georgia, have admitted hanging a noose around the neck of the statue of James Meredith.
UM police confirmed the students, all freshmen, have been kicked out of their campus fraternity.
University officials said the University Police findings have been turned over to the District Attorney.
The three students who were no-shows at a scheduled meeting with  police on Feb. 20. Authorities then determined that the students were being represented by an attorney who advised them not to talk to police until they were charged.
In addition to hanging the noose, the students are suspected of draping a pre-2003 Georgia state flag featuring the confederate stars and bars around the statue’s shoulders.
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