Thursday, September 21, 2023

Protesters Clash, Leading to Good Friday Square Fight

Injured man receives help after Friday afternoon altercation near the Courthouse.

To many Oxonians, he is simply known as the Confederate Guy because he routinely creates an image that isn’t easy for many to understand or explain.
That lack of common ground with another African American man apparently led to a fight and a trip to the hospital for the offended party April 18, Good Friday, Oxford Police officials report.
A large African American man draped in a Confederate flag sitting behind signs every day in front of the Oxford Courthouse that say something like “White Guilt = Black Genocide” is a guaranteed attention-grabber, especially on a busy Easter weekend on the Square. Anthony Hervey is a regular at the Courthouse who protests affirmative action and seems to express sympathy with the Confederate cause.
A passerby reports to that he recently observed Hervey swinging a noose in the air like a lasso.
However bizarre his behavior may seem, Hervey has a perfect right to express his views the way he does in the place where he sets up, according to Major of Operations Jeff McCutchen of the Oxford Police Department.
“We got a call about a disturbance on the Square at 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon,” McCutchen explained. “When we arrived, EMS staff was already assisting a man who had the hit the ground with his head. Witnesses confirmed to our officers that the man had approached Mr. Hervey once, upset about his message, left and came back to argue with Mr. Hervey. Words took place and witnesses told us that the other man put his hands on Mr. Hervey and that he defended himself. We determined that the other man started the fight and there was no reason to press any charges in the incident.”
The man who was injured was taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital by EMS. His injuries were not believed to be serious.
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