Saturday, February 4, 2023

Blind Pig Alcohol Hiccup Only Temporary

Brews at the Blind Pig, a beer lover's basement haven, will resume flowing soon.
Brews at the Blind Pig, a beer lover’s basement haven, will resume flowing soon.

If you’ve stopped by the Blind Pig this week craving your favorite beer—or to discover a new one—and couldn’t get a pint, there’s a perfectly good reason, but fret not: the dry taps will be wet again very soon.
The beloved Oxford pub, known for its savory sandwiches and ever-rotating selection of local beers and other interesting taps, encountered an administrative snafu, resulting in its license to sell alcohol beverages lapsing before being renewed.
“We’re working with the Alcohol Beverage Control to have our permits processed as quickly as possible,” said Owner Jim Moore. “Unfortunately, key ABC staff members are out of the office this week, but we we have been assured by the ABC that our filings are being expedited. The restaurant will be open and serving our full lunch and dinner menu during peak hours. As soon as the appropriate permits become approved, we will resume the sale of alcoholic beverages. As I’m sure everyone can imagine, we are eager to resume normal operations.”
The Blind Pig is located 105 North Lamar Boulevard, downstairs from Miss Behavin’.
— Tad Wilkes,