Friday, October 7, 2022

Grabbing a Burger for Lunch? Try Handy Andy or Phillips Grocery

The double cheeseburger from Handy Andy. Photo credit: Tad Wilkes

The perfect burger. Is it a sirloin burger seared to perfection and covered in cheese with all the toppings?
Or is it a high-fat, calorie-laden smorgasbord of eating that will leave you full for half a day?
Favorites here at in years past go from high-brow to town regular, with Irie, Boure and The Beacon all getting nods. And no list would be complete without Handy Andy and Phillips Grocery, two long-time best-loved Oxford burgers.
Before you dedicate yourself to a burger, it’s important to know if it’s a perfect match for you, and these two very different sandwiches cater to two very different palates.
Handy Andy
Our own Tad Wilkes has written of his love for Handy Andy’s double cheeseburger, a sandwich that he compares favorably with their barbecue sandwiches and plates. That’s really saying something. The burgers are grilled with masterful skill and they’re the perfect balance: not too dry, not a grease fest, amazing flavor.
My personal favorites are the fully dressed cheeseburger and the Handy Andy grilled chicken sandwich. I know, it’s not a burger, but it is so delicious. You just can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.
If this burger isn’t at the top of your list, you haven’t tried it. It’s certainly my favorite in town.
Phillips Grocery
Phillips Grocery
The single cheeseburger and fries from Phillips Grocery.

The cheeseburger at Phillips Grocery is an all-American classic, and we know that because food reviewers from USA Today, Gourmet Magazine and the L.A. Times have said so.
The burger can only be described as a patty that melts in your mouth. You’ll walk away extremely full, especially if you get the huge side of fries.
They have the fried appetizers too, including mushrooms, pickles and jalapenos, and hand-cut fries, along with a full menu of salads and grilled sandwiches, and a good breakfast menu.
If you go, don’t be scared away by the crowd. You won’t wait long once you’ve placed an order.
– Gretchen Stone is associate editor. Gretchen can be contacted about this story at

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