Saturday, January 28, 2023

Five Foods To Eat Right Now

WatermelonsAt the Farmers’ Market Store yesterday, I was too hungry to shop for long.
Believe me, I leave with a hundred dollars worth of groceries when I don’t eat before shopping.
That didn’t stop me from taking a quick glance at the two massive stands filled with fruits and vegetables in the middle of the room.
The next time you’re visiting a farmers market or grocery store, think about picking up one (or more) of the fresh foods in my list below. These are just five of my many favorite summer fruits and vegetables. They’re worth trying, and then eating regularly.
Yellow Squash. Last week I made a quick squash casserole, the one with sour cream and crushed crackers on top, and left it in the refrigerator for snacking. I know it’s supposed to be a side dish, but it’s good enough to eat on its own.
It’s also a great main ingredient for pasta primavera, fried squash breaded in cornmeal or roasted, and it’s a quick food to get on the table.
Avocados. My two favorite ways to eat avocados are simple. Guacamole and guacamole. But it isn’t the only way to enjoy this delicious super food that’s packed with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals.
It’s also delicious sliced, with a breakfast of black beans and rice, served with fried eggs and salsa.
ZucchiniZucchini. You can do anything with a zucchini that you can do with squash. And they’re delicious together, whether in a casserole or stir-fry.
Or you can try them raw with a little dressing.
Greens. In my immediate family, we don’t add bacon drippings to any vegetables. I know, you just stopped trusting my food advice, but we love the way vegetables taste. And it’s better for you.
Either way, my favorite greens are turnip or mustard greens, or wilted lettuce and onions. They’re all delicious with vinegar, and you can’t eat too many of them.
Cucumbers. They’re delicious sliced into circles and garnished with salt and pepper, or in a salad. And they’re perfect for making cucumber sandwiches or as a replacement for lettuce on a BLT.
TomatoesI guess that would make it a BCT, but either way.
– Gretchen Stone is associate editor. Gretchen can be contacted about this story at