Friday, January 27, 2023

Gonna Be a Long, Long Summer — So Look your Best With Frock Fashions

Colorful long dresses are in. It’s gonna be a long, long summer. All photos by Andy Knef.
When editor Andy Knef walked into Frock Fashions on the Square in Oxford to do this story, he was a little uneasy.
A man without a lot of experience talking about women’s clothing stores, Knef wasn’t sure if he would “get it.”
But after talking to general manager Jacqui Holmes and manager Randi Thomas, Knef realized Frock Fashions is easy to understand — great looking, affordable women’s fashions, shoes and jewelry. Frock Fashions at 201 North Lamar is all about making customers comfortable and helping them look their best.
And that includes men who come into the store looking for the perfect gift for their wives, girlfriends or family members, says Jaqui Holmes, who divides her time between the Madison and Oxford stores.
Manager Randi Thomas displays some stylish jewelry to a customer.
Oxford is a wonderful town and the people who come into this store become good friends, Holmes added. “We love helping them and they seem to love our merchandise,” says Holmes.
Holmes characterizes Frock Fashions as the ultimate boutique with affordable prices. “We’re loaded with great fashions, handpicked accessories, handbags, shoes and unique gift selections,” she says. “We scour the country for original lines that you won’t see anywhere else.”
Randi Thomas adds that ordering is easy on Frock’s Facebook page. Or just call at the Oxford location at 662-234-1360 and she’ll be happy to help you.
The Oxford Frock Fashions celebrates its first birthday this weekend so think about joining the fun staff for some celebration shopping.
Here’s a sneak preview of the store and some of its items:
You just won’t find a friendlier, more knowledgable store manager than Randi Thomas.
The fashions are bold and dynamic.
Time to think about the perfect bathing suit ladies.

Jewelry is distinctive and affordable.

Perfect accessories for you the perfect outfit is available at Frock Fashions.

Plenty of outfits in plenty of colors and styles.

Yes you WILL look great in this!

Great location on the Square on North Lamar

Andy Knef is editor of and has decided he loves shopping at women’s stores, especially Frock Fashions, where the ladies are so nice and helpful.