Saturday, February 4, 2023

Missing Oxford Drummer Found

Thanks to the support of the Oxford community, Jason Brombach is home safe and sound. According to band-mate Brandon McDaniel, Brombach was checked into Baptist Memorial Hospital due to an injury he sustained during a concert on Friday, June 6th. He is home tonight with his wife in Oxford.
Here is’s previous report on the missing musician:
According to The Local Voice, Jason Brombach, drummer for Oxford punk-rock band 1 Last Chance, has not been seen or heard from since the band played at Memphis’s Buccaneer on Friday, June 6.

Jason Brombach

Band-mate Brandon McDaniel said he dropped Brombach at his car in the Oxford Kroger parking lot after the show on Friday when Brombach refused to go to the hospital after possibly sustaining an injury at the gig.
“He got in the pit at the show and got back into the sharp end of a table,” McDaniel told The Local Voice. “I looked at it and it just seemed like a bruise, but he said it hurt pretty bad. I offered to take him to the ER, but he said he would be alright. I probably should have done it anyway in hindsight.”
Brombach drives a 2002 Silver BMW x5 with the plate number LXE050.
If you have an information on Jason Brombach’s whereabouts, please contact Nora Brown at 662-790-3229 or Brandon McDaniel at 662-417-6215.