Friday, March 31, 2023

Neilson's, South's Oldest Department Store, Renovates Inside

Neilson’s Department Store, the South’s oldest department store which opened in 1839, is rearranging its merchandise among its three floors.
“We’re always remodeling, always updating,” said William Lewis, Jr., the store’s manager.
Instead of the children’s department, which has traditionally been downstairs, Neilson’s is now selling antique furniture.
The children’s department will officially move upstairs to join the store’s other merchandise and this development, according to Lewis, has been planed for six months.
“The merchandise will be about the same, but with different [brand] lines. We have a new buying approach,” Lewis said.
The children’s department will have the same number of employees as it did in the previous location. And due to the children department’s new location upstairs next to shoes and housewares Lewis said there can be more of a helping hand on those busier days.
Just like the last 175 years, Neilson’s is still the cornerstone to the Square, where trends meet tradition. Visit them online at, and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
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