Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Blood Trail from Methodist Church Runs Dry for OPD

Deputy Chief Owens, left, chats with Chief Joey East. Photo by Amelia Camurati

A trail of blood tends to get everyone’s attention.
HottyToddy.com received a call from the Oxford Fire Department alerting us to their response to a clean-up of a pool of blood at the Oxford University United Methodist Church parking lot Aug. 27.
When we talked to Deputy Chief James Owens of the Oxford Police Department about the incident, he offered this explanation:
“Acting on a tip from a concerned citizen, our officers discovered a blood trail on the morning of Aug. 26 that ended in the parking lot of the Methodist Church. We traced the blood drippings back to a window to the floor basement of the First Baptist Church in Oxford. Our working theory is that someone cut themselves smashing in the window to the church basement, and then walked over to the Methodist Church. At that point, they found their vehicle or were picked up. It could have been someone coming back from the bars late at night intoxicated, possibly even thinking they were gaining entry to their own residence.”
Deputy Chief Owens added that the suspect did not enter the Baptist Church and that OPD notified area hospitals asking caregivers to be on the lookout for someone with lacerations to their arm or hand.
He also said department detectives were notified and that, if apprehended, the perpetrator could be charged with “mischievous mischief.”
Andy Knef is editor of HottyToddy.com. You can contact Andy about this story at Andy.Knef@HottyToddy.com