Friday, March 31, 2023

Cannon Ball Run Near Hit With Wyoming Rebel Bride

She’s thinking, “I’m not really jumping full-ass expensive wedding gown into that water, Rebel win or no!

An Ole Miss grad who got married Saturday — yes Saturday, Alabama weekend — sent us a couple of photos.
Lisa Watts lives in Jackson, Wyoming, where the wedding took place and Watts swears, “I took the game very seriously, stating in front of a guest ‘If Ole Miss won, I was cannon-balling into the river.'”
Lisa graduated from Ole Miss in 1998. She is currently international sales manager for STAT!Ref: The Premier Healthcare e-source. Although she is currently all up in that international health care stuff, the down-home gal claims Mississippi, in her own words, “the great state of Mississippi,” as home.
The bride admits she didn’t exactly deliver the cannon ball she promised, but she had a lot of other promises to make at the time that folks were going to hold her to — so we forgive her. “I somewhat kept my word,” she said. Let’s hope she does a little better on those marriage vows.
Missed that Cannon Ball by just “this” much. Still, Lisa might have passed on some positive karma from Wyoming to the Rebels in Oxford, so we’re OK with it!

#thorneandlisa — with Lisa Watts.
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Andy Knef is editor of Hotty and a big fan of cannon balls — the kind you land in the water — and he knows fighting ships at sea used to do the same thing. Geeze, people. You can contact Andy about this story at