Sunday, January 29, 2023

Square Pizza Ranked 20th Great College Town Pizza Shop

tate moore
Square Pizza Owner Tate Moore ranks Oxford’s Square Pizza as number 20 in its 50 Great College Town Pizza Shops.
The site introduces its ranked shops by writing that there are “three key ingredients to running a great college town pizza shop: late hours, low prices and novelty. By following these guidelines, some shops that would not stand alone have survived for over a decade. A handful have survived based solely on their convenient location and incredibly delectable product.”
Regarding Square Pizza at number 20, the site explains, in part:
“All reviewers agree that this small shop caters to the students with their late hours and low prices. Square Pizza offers a lunch special of two slices with a drink for $7.25, but the consensus is that this is the best place for late-night, drunken munchies … Other than the pizzas, Square Pizza offers hearty sandwiches like the roast beef and gravy, which are served on Gambino bread from New Orleans.”
Square Pizza Owner Tate Moore is modest about the ranking, suggesting it could have something to do not just with his product but with Ole Miss diving into the national spotlight via football success.
“I feel very lucky to be considered, but I want to thank the Ole Miss Rebels for all of this,” he says. “I imagine I’ll be in the top 10 of pizza restaurants if we beat A&M.”
— Tad Wilkes,