Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Minnesota Features Rebel Fever After Bama Game

Ole Miss grads and fans live everywhere — including Minneapolis, Min., home of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune daily newspaper. 

Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse recently covered the reaction of some Ole Miss alumni to the football’s teams success in the aftermath of the win over Alabama.  Click here for the story. Thor Anderson graduated decades ago and Dori Melfert is a current senior at Ole Miss who lives in Minnesota.

Dori Melfert. Courtesy Minneapolis Star-Tribue

Here is an excerpt of the story:

“When you die, if you know you are dying, your last thought will not be of God or your parents or children or family; when the last bell is rung and the last song is sung, your last thought will be of Ole Miss.”

Ole Miss was segregated during (Thor) Anderson’s four years in Oxford, and soon thereafter, it went through the trauma of 30,000 National Guardsmen being required to have the pioneer of integration, James Meredith, enrolled in the school.

That was long in the past, and graduates such as Anderson, a long-standing judge in Minnesota, can express their appreciation for Ole Miss without qualms.

“I think Ole Miss graduates as a whole have a stronger, emotional feeling for their school than any such group in the country … perhaps along with Notre Dame graduates,” Anderson said. “I can’t prove that; I just have that feeling.”