Tuesday, March 21, 2023

3 Chicks Fashion Photo Shoot Captures Beauty in Nature, Clothes, Ladies

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Folks the word is Beautiful — clothes and ladies. All photos by Andy Knef.

The 3 Chicks staged a fashion photo shoot Oct. 9 at the family cabin on a beautiful lake 20 miles from Batesville.
HottyToddy.com photographed and filmed the event and it was a wonderful time with stunning fall scenes, beautiful ladies and the 3 Chicks trend-setting fashions.
Cortney Butler, her mother Sharon Lovelace and Sharon’s sister Melinda Gordon are the owners and operators of a clothing and antique goods business that’s one of the focal points of Sugar Magnolia on University Avenue behind Oby’s.
The actual fashion photographer for this promotion was Natalie Hamm, who did a tremendous job positioning her models and taking best advantage of the late-afternoon light and great props to go with the beautiful sets and clothes.
HottyToddy.com editor Andy Knef merely had to sit back and document all the gorgeous activities going on around him.
Take a look:
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Woodstock anyone. Where’s Crosby, Still, Nash and Young?

Photographer Natalie Hamm and Courtney Butler, one of the 3 Chicks, doubles here as a model.

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Great light on the porch for these shots.

DSC_0050 copy
The lake makes a fabulous backdrop for all this beauty.

DSC_0040 copy
A beautiful sky highlights some great looking 3 Chicks outfits.

Sharon Lovelace, one of the 3 Chicks, places props for the next shoot.

DSC_0011 copy
Our models, Candace King, Jessica Cochran and Courtney Butler get into position.

DSC_0094 copy
Having fun was certainly on the agenda. The 3 Chicks are all about fun clothes, accessories and crafts.

River reflections capture our models walking the lake bank.

DSC_0073 copy
But there was time for Jessica and Courtney to toast a few marshmallows.

DSC_0019 copy
When they weren’t posing the girls were working out the next shot with photographer Natalie Hamm.

DSC_0028 copy
Light, camera, action.

DSC_0003 copy
Trying to capture the perfect image.

DSC_0075 copy
Chilling around the camp fire is a favorite pastime.

DSC_0105 copy
Scrambling to get ready for the next setup.

Our fashion photographer Natalie Hamm gets ready for the next shot.

She is working hard to get the best possible angle.

Another location is offering beautiful results.

DSC_0084 copy
Results exactly like this.

This beautiful member of the 3 Chicks Sharon Lovelace, is serving graciously as props lady today.

Candy apples go with fall and pretty clothes.

DSC_0109 copy
The photographer Natalie Hamm is deep in thought.

Everything even smells good.

DSC_0052 copy
This may be the prettiest photograph of all.

DSC_0069 copy
Then it’s off to the St. Peter’s Church Pumpkin Patch and outfits that are perfect for the activity.

DSC_0053 copy
As the light fades the beauty of these ladies only intensifies.

DSC_0061 copy
3 Chicks in the Pumpkin Patch.

DSC_0008 copy
The 3 Chicks invite you to visit their location at Sugar Magnolia on University for trend-setting clothing, accessories and fun crafts.

Andy Knef is editor of HottyToddy.com. You can contact Andy about this story at Andy.Knef@HottyToddy.com