Monday, March 20, 2023

Taste of the Game: Baton Rouge and LSU

Yes this looks great.

Commentary by contributor Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo
Well, no one has to say how much this game brings to the table each season. Unfortunately, this year we have to travel to Baton Rouge to take on those Tigers. The only thing they have to boast about these days is having the biggest stadium in the SEC today with purple lights.
Time to hit the road again and unfortunately it’s to Baton Rouge. There is no love loss in this rivalry, and it’s going to be a heated affair to say the least. I know we are trying to avoid corndogs Rebel Nation. Rest assured I have y’all taken care of down in Baton Rouge with a few different options. Since this is going to be under the lights, I figured we need a few options for dinner and late night affair.
Let’s start with dinning at the Louisiana Lagniappe. If you’re looking for fresh catches from the gulf and good Creole Cajun cooking, this is the spot. Start with the eggplant appetizer. You will not be disappointed, I promise. It’s savory fried medallion of eggplant set in garlic beurre blanc and meuniere sauce, topped with jumbo lump crabmeat and Hollandaise. That will fill you up just enough to enjoy some scrumptious entrees. Let me recommend the Tournedos: cooked to perfection medallions of char-grilled beef tenderloin, set in garlic beurre blanc, topped with sautéed shrimp, jumbo lump crabmeat and Bérnaise sauce. It’s a little something extra and of everything with this entree.
Well we all know after a long evening of a game festivities we are all craving that perfect meal in a cozy spot. After the sun goes down and you’re looking for a boost after the game, head down to Louie’s Cafe for the plate of eggs,bacon, and hash browns. If that doesn’t hit the spot, go with an omelette or burger. Louie’s will not disappoint.  It is the late-night destination for hardy simple sustenance. You’ll meet the local “who’s who” of Baton Rouge in an establishment that’s been going strong since 1941.
Let’s get the show on the road Rebels. See y’all in Baton Rouge. Let’s show them how it’s done Hotty Toddy!
Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo is a contributor, veteran SEC sports journalist and Brown University graduate. She loves good cigars, good games and a smooth glass of bourbon — not necessarily in that order.