Sunday, August 14, 2022

New Malco Theater Provides Unique Movie-Going Experience

The menu includes grilled chicken sandwiches, salads, and hamburgers. The bar is lively and full service with every choice of poison, from several draft beers to cranberry vodka. Comfortable leather couches are placed throughout, and the service is friendly and helpful.
1376360_639953332710980_2071347215_nThis is the new Malco movie theater at the Oxford Commons. Located on Sisk Avenue on the east side of Oxford, the theater offers a new viewing experience for residents. Popcorn, icees and other traditional aspects of the movie theater are still in place, but it’s the more sophisticated elements that make this new Malco stand out.
The outside is impressive, but it is the inside of the new Malco that makes it so unique. A spacious lobby with food and drink menus gives the feel of an upscale bar on the Square, not a typical movie theater.
604087_10152396079821937_7000274494429282142_nDuring my first visit last week, my friends and I stopped at the food counter after getting our tickets to take a look at the dinner menu. Deciding on some mozzarella sticks, we walked over to the bar, an impressive area with moody lighting and a massive counter. Draft beers in hand, we then headed over to the screen room where our movie, The Maze Runner, was playing.
malco_couches2Upon entering, leather couches at the front of the room immediately came into view. Unfortunately, they were already taken, and my friends and I found seats at the top of the theater, also leather, large and extremely comfortable. The seating could be described as something more typically seen at a musical or pageant, and it was exquisite.
Drinking beer and watching one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time (side note: everyone reading needs to check out The Maze Runner!) made for one entertaining Sunday. The experience was fun, relaxing, and unique, and one that I plan to repeat soon. There are rumors that the Malco Theater at Oxford Commons is already looking into expanding, which includes the building of an attached area with go-carts. Easily one of the most interesting spots in Oxford, the new Malco Theater has something for everyone and is worth visiting on any day of the week.
Miller Hollingsworth is a staff reporter and can be reached at

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