Tuesday, November 29, 2022

City Grocery, Boure Offer Great Football Weekend Taste of Game

Enjoy a fabulous weekend football meal at City Grocery.

Well it’s been a tough week for the Rebs to say the least but hey, don’t get discouraged.
We are back on our own turf and at least this week we don’t have to worry about smelling like corndogs.
I have been on the road a great deal these past weeks and I can tell you there is no place like home. I’m glad to get back to O-town and get down to business. Though we have one loss it’s still a dream season. No one can say we just win parties these days.
It feels good to start to be known for parties and winning. What I love is seeing the sea of masses proudly roaming the streets of Oxford adorned in their colors with pride searching for the perfect place to get a taste of the game. Of course this will be a weekend to get back in the place where we need to be.
Oxford is just one of those places from corner to corner where there always is a story to write about especially when you have the perfect views from above.
For this week’s Taste of the Game, I wasn’t quite sure where to go since their are so many unique food items that would be the perfect pairing for this game. Then it dawned on me. Some of my best times in Oxford during a game-day weekend have been spent on balconies. There something about being able to soak it all in while people watching, and enjoying good libations and engaging in the rivalry talks from above.
You can probably guess where we will be going this week for the Taste of the Game. Why just enjoy one balcony when you can have two views over the Square this weekend at City Grocery & Boure.
Why not start you day with a good libation and cigar over at the Upstairs bar at City Grocery. This has to be one of my favorite spots, not just on game day but because it’s quaint and the service is superb. If there is a room of 5 or 50, you will always feel like No. 1 in this space.
Another thing I like is the people you will get to see come in and out of these establishments, which means there will never be a dull moment or a dull conversation. City Grocery and Boure are great places if you’re  are looking to see some of Oxford’s notable citizens enjoy the pre-game festivities as well as enjoy some fine wine and spirits for an affordable price. If you’re like me and enjoy some of the finer and antique bourbons at prices that will not put a hole in your pocket, these are also the spots. Let me recommend Rock Hill Farms bourbon for a good midday libation. So before you head over to Boure for dinner, let the boys at City Grocery take care of you.
If that balcony is full or you need a little game-day grub, head over to Boure. What I like about Boure is that it has the best of both worlds — a balcony and an indoor space that separates you when you need a break from the hustle of game day. Sometimes we need to take a break and relax while enjoying some great food. Boure will be the spot mid-day or into the evening. It’s walk-in only and you don’t have to worry about reservations. We love that — especially on this kind of weekend.
You will love this Creole menu for lunch or dinner as they like to say this place is “Upscale Down-home” fare. A little something for everyone on this menu that will fill you up just right. Start out with the Crawfish Queso Dip for an appetizer and move into a great entree selections from 12-ounce Ribeyes or their signature Shrimp and Grits.
No matter where you find yourself on the Grove, Vaught or on the Square, chances are these two balconies will draw you in this weekend. These are two of my favorite Friday night spots before a game because you often hear rival cheers from opposing fans being shouted from each deck. So let’s make sure to drown out that War Eagle enthusiasm and show them how it’s done, Y’all. Hotty Toddy! It’s going to be a hell of time to be had. Oh of course it’s Halloween weekend so it’s going to be even more of a crazy time.
leeann_2-200x3001Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo is a HottyToddy.com contributor, veteran SEC sports journalist and Brown University graduate. She loves good cigars, good games and a smooth glass of bourbon — not necessarily in that order.