Saturday, September 30, 2023

Chef Dwayne Ingraham Wins Cutthroat Kitchen

Chef Ingraham Cutthroat

While some of y’all were watching The Grammys Chef Dwayne Ingraham from City Grocery Restaurant Group competed in Cutthroat Kitchen…AND WON!

The episode was a Valentine’s Day special and its competition’s theme was suitably chocolate. The show’s host Alton Brown offered $100,000, divided into $25,000 among four competitors to bid against each other in rounds.

The competitors also bid against Brown’s shenanigans such as working a shift on Brown’s chocolate conveyor belt. Not all could avoid his scheming: they had to make a molten chocolate cake without chocolate!

The chefs went through rounds with the first round on the chocolate-less lava cake, then savory chocolate dish cooked with fish and chicken eggs and then a box of chocolates which the chefs had to cut with chocolate bar wrappers.

Chef Ingraham not only had to cook halibut with chocolate but later on in the show he was tied to another competitor at hip. He also survived the infamous conveyor belt when he stuffed a box with chocolate candy snatched from the belt. A total of 408 candies were spent on that conveyor belt.

Chef Ingraham is immune to Brown's craziest schemes.
Chef Ingraham is immune to Brown’s craziest schemes.

Chef Ingraham endured and won the episode with remaining money he had at episode’s end. For those who want to get a special treat can buy a Valentine’s Day box from The Main Event. The sweets are hand-crafted by Chef Ingraham himself.

Here is a video, courtesy of Food Network, of Alton Brown revealing his sabotages to Cutthroat Kitchen’s judge Simon Majumdar

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