Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Ole Miss Entrepreneur Finds New Way to Order Food

Ole Miss student Luke Faulconer is developing a different kind of food delivery service. He is creating a service that you can order food from restaurants who don’t deliver and have it at your door within the hour.

Ole Miss sophomore Luke
Ole Miss sophomore Luke Faulconer

“We will partner with local restaurants and employ many people, delivering meals and groceries to anyone,” Faulconer explained.

He continued, “I got the initial idea for Oxford Grub when I realized how often I am sitting around with friends and the question of what should we do for dinner comes up. Usually it would end up in take out orders from three or four different restaurants, often an inconvenience. I thought about how convenient it would be if we could all go onto a website and order our own meals separately, having them delivered.”

To get restaurants involved Faulconer explained that he will pitch his idea to the managers of various restaurants in town. He added that by partnering with Oxford Grub, it will increase income for the restaurants and he through his company will market for the restaurants.

“Restaurant delivery services are not a new idea, and are prevalent in cities around the U.S., and I was surprised that there is nothing like it in Oxford besides pizza delivery and a few select restaurants,” Faulconer said. “Oxford is the perfect market for a delivery service, with such a heavy college presence, and a great place for innovative small businesses.”

OGOxford Grub will charge a three-dollar delivery fee as well as encourage customers to give tips to the drivers. “I want to launch in the fall,” Faulconer said.

On the website, it featured that students will be able to pay using Ole Miss Express. Faulconer said, “For the convenience of Ole Miss students, I plan on approaching the University about accepting Ole Miss Express when I am officially established. This will give students a wide selection of quality meals using their Express, delivered to their dorms, fraternities, etc.”

The marketing plan for Oxford Grub is primarily social media and word of mouth. “We have a Facebook page and a Twitter page right now. Closer to the launch of the company Faulconer hopes to display flyers around campus and the city of Oxford to get people talking.

When asked how the name was coined Faulconer said, “the name Oxford Grub kind of came from thin air. I wanted a name that was simple and to the point. I envision Oxford Grub being a name that is coined and brought up in conversation everyday throughout Oxford.”

Faulconer is a sophomore from Kansas City, Kansas. He is majoring in finance. He further explained that, “Oxford Grub is a multi-faceted company and a large part of our service will be large group orders (catering). Whether this is for business meetings, parties, school events, Oxford Grub’s convenience will cater to any large group with no concern. We also want to stress our aspect of grocery delivery. While we believe this will be more common for older folks, we will gladly shop and deliver anyone’s grocery list to their door if they send us an email or text. All we collect is a 9.95 delivery charge and 15% commission.”

Faulconer is a go-getter, with a lot of enthusiasm and a dream of innovation. He concluded, “Oxford Grub is a company that will bring restaurants and customers closer together, and create something that will innovate Oxford and enhance this already thriving town.”

Molly Brosier is a HottyToddy.com staff reporter and can be reached at mebrosie@go.olemiss.edu.