Sunday, May 22, 2022

Public Invited to Speak About Old Taylor Road Rezoning Request at Next Aldermen Meeting

At last night’s Board of Aldermen meeting, there was a first reading of the petition to rezone 30 acres of land on Old Taylor Road from single family as a farm to RC-Multi Family. At the next meeting on March 3, there will be a public hearing and comment period regarding the issue.

“Speaking times will be limited due to the amount of expected speakers,” said Ward 1 Alderman Jay Hughes. “However, your input for or against is welcome on this important matter.”

Mayor Pat Patterson echoed Hughes’ comments regarding the importance of the public’s voice being heard on the matter.

“Anybody’s welcome to come speak on that,” Patterson said. “Anybody’s welcome to voice their opinions, concerns, supports or opposition, and we’re going to go slow there and take as long as we need.”

The planning commission approved the rezoning request in December by a 4-3 vote, but the Board of Aldermen denied the request 4-3 earlier this month. Some residents are in support of the rezoning request as the university continues to grow and student housing is at a high demand. Others are against the measure due to concerns that the construction would do irreparable harm to the Whirlpool Trails and changes the dynamic of the now-quiet area.

Michael Quirk is a staff reporter and can be reached at