Saturday, September 23, 2023

Oxford Treehouse Gallery Hosts Photography Exhibit Wednesday


Oxford Treehouse Gallery invites all to come out to see Clarksdale back in its olden days at the photo exhibition: CLARKSDALE 1985.

CLARKSDALE 1985 exhibition is created by two photographers: David Rae Morris and Milly West. They teamed up one day in Clarksdale on January of 1985 where they photographed the 4th Street. Morris shot in black and white and West shot with color. Since after they became lifelong friends.

The pictures from that fateful day has shown last January at the Clarksdale Film Festival, and will show again at the Oxford Treehouse Gallery. Morris and West also created a companion book of the exhibition which Milly West will be present at the gallery to sign.

The gallery event is this Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. with the gallery talk on the photographs beginning at 5:30 p.m. Oxford Treehouse Gallery is welcome to all interested.

Directions to Oxford Treehouse Gallery
Directions to Oxford Treehouse Gallery

Vivian Niell of the husband-wife duo who opened the Oxford Treehouse Gallery said, “Walter and I are so fond of these two talented photographers and are very excited to be hosting CLARKSDALE 1985.”

For those worried about the wintry forecast for Wednesday won’t risk getting as wet for the gallery.

Niell said, “We have valet parking at all events and if the roads are safe enough to get you to the gallery, we’ll make sure you don’t get wet on the way in the door!”

David Rae Morris works can be viewed here. His works have appeared in Time, Mother Jones and New York Times.

Milly West is a creative writing professor who especially focuses on eco-literacy at University of Mississippi. As an artist, her photography portfolio spans from Cuba to the Delta. Her work can be viewed here.

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