Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Southern Foodways Brings Back Its Six-Pack List


The Southern Foodways has brought back its six-pack list yesterday for all to enjoy through the bleak weather.

Because you asked, the Six-Pack is back. For today, at least. And in fact, no one asked. We just thought it might be fun. Please enjoy a heavily annotated, mostly lighthearted, pop-culture-centric, rainy-day six pack.

1. At last, someone has penned a well-deserved love letter to La Croix sparkling water. (Mary H.K. Choi, via The New York Times Magazine) (PS: I, for one, am digging the updates to the NYT Mag. What about you?)

2. Ben & Jerry, kings of stoner talk*, are thinking of walking the stoner walk. Maybe. Well, Ben is. Jerry’s not sure. (Colin Gorenstein, via Salon) (*See: Phish Food, Cherry Garcia, Half-Baked, etc.)

3. #foodiebandnames was a thing for a few minutes this week. I think my favorite of this list is Modest Mousse. My own contribution—not on this list, or any other—is the Talking Heads of Lettuce. Someone get that lettuce an oversized suit! (Poncie Rutsch, via NPR)

4. Smoking may be taboo in many places these days, but restaurant matches remain a beloved bit of material culture. Just ask my husband, who has a fishbowl full of them. (Jessica Ritz, via Eater)

5. Why drink wine alone when you could drink wine with your…cat? Note: This is only possible in Japan. And the comment thread on this article rivals the actual news item for entertainment value. (via Meowingtons. I saw it on Facebook, ok you guys?!)

6. And finally, a list of terms for kitchenware—ahem—well, just read it. (Dan McMinn, via McSweeney’s)

Courtesy of Sara Camp Arnold at Southern Foodways

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