Thursday, August 11, 2022

American Defense International, Inc. Chairman Van Hipp Discusses Top 3 Threats to National Security

American Defense International, Inc. Chairman Van Hipp spoke to an Overby Center crowd of students, professors and citizens yesterday in regard to his book The New Terrorism: How to Fight It and Defeat It. Hipp also took questions from the audience about different issues and threats the country faces from terrorists and listed three in particular: identifying whom the fight is against, securing the borders, and cyber terrorism.

Hipp said that the war is against Radical Islamists and is a battle of “good against pure evil.” Two big components to aid in the fight against them is getting the help from reformed Muslims and rewarding them, and giving King Abdullah what he needs, said Hipp.

“They want to inflict as much harm as possible on the U.S. by way of casualties and our financial institutions,” he said, declaring the fight against Radical Islam is the fight of our lifetimes.

The threat of homegrown terrorism and terrorists coming into the country is a large one, he said. The Federal Bureau of Investigation currently has open homegrown terrorism cases in a staggering 49 out of 50 states. Those numbers are far too high for Hipp.

“It was all over the news the other day how we caught those three kidskin New York,which is great. But how about the ones that we haven’t caught,” he asked.

Cyber terror alerts are at an all-time high as the advances in technology are rampant. Hipp alluded to the education level of Jihadi John as well as the hacks done by the Chinese and Iranians.

“The Iranian government said they have nothing to do with the hackers, so let’s ask them why they don’t help us get them then,” he said. “They’re going to target our financial institutions and it’s like death by 1,000 hacks.”

Michael Quirk is a staff reporter and can be reached at

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