Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Oxford’s VaporWize: Keep Calm and Vape On

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Vaping has become a huge phenomenon across the world. People are throwing out their cigarette cartons and investing in vaporizers. VaporWize was founded in 2013 to provide smokers with a different alternative of getting their nicotine fix without the deadly side effects caused by smoking, not to mention it eliminates the lingering stench of cigarette smoke.

Ecigs/Vaping is intended for current smokers who wish to continue enjoying that nicotine fFullSizeRender (5)eeling but at a slighter risk. Vamping still has the nicotine in it, but it’s mixed with small amounts of food grade flavoring utilized with Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin that then get vaporized in a ‘box’ powered atomizer. It simulates the experience of smoking, still getting the nicotine high one desires.

Robb W. Barham, Owner of VaporWize Oxford, opened his store in Oxford last June.  He noticed that this particular business was missing from the Oxford location, and being a Memphis native, Robb loved the Oxford area and noticed there wasn’t any heavy competition in the area. When asked how the name VaporWize came to action, Robb said that he had a job in Memphis where he befriended a man named Freddie who was in the cubicle across from me. Freddie told Robb about his cousins that lives in California and South Florida. With California and Florida being huge markets for e-cigs, Freddie came across the idea of selling his own.

FullSizeRender (2)“He did it, he went for it,” said Robb. “He had a smoke shop on the side where he began selling them first and I pretty much bought his first kits he got in. He upgraded and got new tanks. I would go there almost every day and buy new stuff. I didn’t care about the money I was spending because I was so happy that I quit smoking.”

Robb went on to say that four months passed and Freddie’s business blew up. He opened one store in Southaven and the other one right by the University of Memphis. He has noticed an increase in business and says he is very appreciative of his customers and would do anything to help one quit smoking cigarettes. He highly recommends smokers come by and give vaping a try.

Robb offers a special to first time customers of 10 percent off their entire purchase.

Brittany Bugg is a HottyToddy.com staff reporter and can be reached at brittany.bugg@hottytoddy.com.