Thursday, November 30, 2023

McDonald’s On University to Reopen April 30


Tim Lacy, General Contractor and Superintendent for Hudson Company, says that McDonald’s on University Avenue should be up and running by April 30.  He had initially planned to have it done two weeks ago, but the weather hasn’t permitted him and his team from finishing the project during the winter.

FullSizeRender-8“We are just doing a general rebuild on the McDonald’s here in Oxford. Hoping to have it open by April 30,” Tim said. “Well, we are shooting for that date for the opening day. We got to get all our parking lot in, which is concrete, so we have to pour that.  We also have a little bit of underground utilities to install. Other than that, we are just waiting for the weather to break so we can finish.”

The overall look of the restaurant is more upscale than the previous McDonald’s and more similar to the other Oxford location on Jackson, which was also renovated recently. The University restaurant is now equipped with all new kitchen equipment, a new children’s play area and new restrooms along with more colorful, inviting decor. The guests will be quite surprised at the changes and the restaurant’s new look.

Brittany Bugg is a staff writer and can be reached at