Monday, May 29, 2023

First Weekend of May Welcomes Ole Miss Cheerleading Tryouts

Every May, the Ole Miss athletics department holds tryouts for the Cheer Team. To qualify for this team, you have to meet specific requirements and have a particular set of skills. The tryout entails tumbling, stunting, a cheer to the rebel’s fight song, an interview and a fitness test.

Alexis AnzaloneThe fitness test includes a 7-minute mile, a series of sit-ups and pushups, and a walking handstand.

To show the preparations for tryouts, even for those who have already been on the team, I shadowed McKenna Woodley: Ole Miss freshman co-ed cheerleader.

McKenna has been altering her already busy schedule to mentally and physically prepare for the tryouts this Friday and Saturday. There are typically around 130 girls that come out for tryouts; there are 25 spots on the team.

“I have been lifting weights a lot more to improve my tumbling and my stunting. I’m trying to get stronger!” said McKenna Woodley.

The girls and boys that tryout for the team are put through a stressful weekend of tryouts after months of preparing. Good Luck to everyone trying out for the team!

Emily Jameson is a staff reporter and can be reached at