Tuesday, October 3, 2023

My Michelle’s Serves Up Goodness for Summertime Dinner Series

my michelle's summer dinner series

Starting tomorrow, My Michelle’s will have four dinner series featuring some of the customers’ favorites with locally-sourced ingredients.

unnamed (5)These dinners are three-course meals for $30 per person. Michelle Rounsaville-Love says libations will be available upon request. Reservations are recommended for these dinners, which are from 5 to 10 p.m.

Tomorrow night is the first of the series, and the second will be on Wednesday, June 24. The menu for tomorrow night is guaranteed to make your stomach rumble a little.

The first course has a catfish plate appetizer featuring beer-brined smoked catfish served with pickled cabbage, cucumbers and radishes with crostinis. The ingredients are from Simmons Catfish, Bost Farms, Woodson Ridge Farms and Yokna Bottoms Farms. Oxford Farmers Market is also featured in My Michelle’s summer salad that is also served alongside the catfish dish. This salad has mixed greens with fresh lady peas and goat cheese tossed with cilantro-lime vinaigrette and topped with house-made green tomato salsa.

June Dinner Series - First MenuThe main course has two meat dishes: braised chicken and grilled pork chop. The first dish is braised bone-in chicken with tomatoes and white wine served with lemon-rosemary Red Bliss and Yukon Gold potatoes and wilted arugula with garlic and peppers. Zion Farms, Woodson Ridge Farms and Yokna Bottoms Farms’ ingredients make up this delectable dish. The grilled pork chop dish also has a bone and is topped with a grilled onion and blueberry relish. Honey-roasted sweet potatoes, tri-color Haricot Verts and quick-pickled red onions are the sides for this generous dish. Home Place Pastures and Woodson Ridge Farms contributed to this dish as well as some ingredients from Vardaman, Mississippi.

No matter how satisfying the main course is, y’all be sure to save room for the dessert courses! You can choose between, (or both,) a warm chocolate chip quinoa cookie with homemade coffee ice cream or a lemon ricotta cookie served with homemade blueberry ice cream. The Brown Family Dairy made these delicious, local ice creams to accompany the cookies.

And y’all aren’t done being spoiled yet! A basket of warm bread by Bottletree Bakery with honey butter by Brown Family Dairy will accompany each meal. If you are willing to take on this delicious treat tomorrow night, then call 236-1512 to reserve your spot!

Callie Daniels is a staff writer for HottyToddy.com. She can be reached at callie.daniels@hottytoddy.com.