Saturday, December 3, 2022

Cabin 82 Cafe Opens in Oxford

Cabin 82

Cabin 82, a cozy Southern cafe, has just opened at the new Graduate Hotel in Oxford.

The cafe has a different feel than the hotel lobby. The Graduate lobby has a bubblegum pink floor and bright colored artwork scattered along its walls. However, Cabin 82 appears rustic with old barn floors and wooden walls.

The cafe’s name came from the Manning’s cabin 82 at the Mississippi Neshoba Country Fair in Philadelphia, Mississippi. The cafe is designed to have the same feel as the county fair. It welcomes you with a day bed swing to sit on and relax with friends.

Cabin 82

Cabin 82 offers its customers breakfast, lunch, dinner and a place to gather with friends or study for classes.

Meghan Stout from Atlanta is one of the supervisors of the cafe. She said, “So far, our pot pie and fried chicken fingers with our comeback dressing have tied as the most popular dishes.”

The apple salad has also been popular on the menu. It has pickled blueberries, almonds, arugula, and blue cheese topped with a citrus vinaigrette.

“It gives everybody a good place to come and just hang out and the best thing is that it is not just for the hotel guests, it is for anyone to come,” said Stout.

The cafe also serves coffee and beverages. It has espresso, drip coffee, cappuccinos and lattes. Dotsie Stevens, a University of Mississippi freshman from Jackson, goes to Cabin 82 to study and drink a cafe latte. The cushioned booths and countertops make for an ideal study spot for students, along with the free WiFi.

cabin 82

“The atmosphere is awesome. The prices are really good and our coffee is one of the best. Once the secret is out, I think we will be very busy” said Stout.

They did not forget about sweets either. The cafe has lemon ice box pie, Mississippi mud cheesecake, soft serve ice cream and assorted pastries.

“The busiest we have been so far is the Texas A&M weekend, but we are expecting a lot of people for the LSU game weekend coming up,” Stout said.

Cabin 82 and the Graduate Oxford hotel are located on the corner of North Lamar Boulevard and Jefferson Avenue For more information call 662.234.3031 or visit for Cabin 82’s full menu.

Frances Phillips is a senior print journalism major at the Meek School of Journalism and New Media. She can be reached at