Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Oxford Activity Center Expansion and Indoor Tennis Courts Are In The Works

Proposed sketch of the Oxford Activity Center expansion and new indoor tennis facility.
Proposed sketch of the Oxford Activity Center expansion and new indoor tennis facility.

The University of Mississippi and the City of Oxford are in talks to build a new indoor tennis facility in addition a new Oxford Activity Center expansion.

According to the Oxford Public Works Director, Bart Robinson, the university would build the indoor tennis facility and the city would maintain and manage it in exchange for the Ole Miss tennis team to practice and play matches there. There are currently 20 tennis courts, the addition would give 26 courts in all.

“All the details and any agreements are still in the details,” Robinson said. “If constructed, they would not start [building] until the late fall or early winter of the year.”

According to a graphic presented in the agenda of the Feb. 16, Board of Alderman meeting, the indoor tennis facility would be approximately 57,000 square feet, and the expansion of the Oxford Activity Center would be approximately 39,000 square feet, adding 16,000 square feet to the existing 23,000 square foot center.

The University and officials are looking at Stone Park, the site of a baseball field, to build the tennis facility. The facility would have six tennis courts, bathrooms and office space. Robinson said parking will be added to the activity center. The expansion of the activity center would come off the side of the of existing center on Price Street.

“Three options for parking are on the table,” Robinson said, “a small piece of city property adjacent to south of the Pantry, or adding parking around the Stone Park baseball field or on Price Street, before you cross the railroad track.”

Ultimately, the plans are in the hands of Board of Alderman for the proposed parking lot. According to Robinson, there is not an estimated cost of how much the facilities will cost right now.

Guide to the sketch of the proposed Oxford Activity Center expansion and new indoor tennis facility:

1) Proposed indoor tennis facility

2) Existing activity facility

3) Proposed activity center

4) Service entrance

5) Outdoor courts entrance

6) Outdoor courts parking (57)

7) Proposed landscape medium

8) On street parking- Molly Bar Road entrance (34)

9) Public grand stands

10) Indoor tennis court entrance

11) Activity center entrance

12) Primary parking (85)

13) Existing outdoor courts

14) Dumpster location

15) Overflow parking (73)

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