Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Ole Miss Puts History In Context With Plaque

The University of Mississippi is putting history in context with a plaque to be placed at the foot of the Confederate Monument located on the historic Circle.

According to Ian Banner, University Architect, the plaque will be place on a granite base at the foot of the Confederate Monument at the entrance to The Circle.

Specific language of the plaque was not readily available.

Acting Director of Public Relations, John Scott, said the plaque is part of the 2014 Action Plan.

“They also should initiate an effort to provide contemporary context for some of our existing symbols and names, which are too often viewed as an endorsement of ancient ideas. Any and all symbols and buildings may benefit from this, but some to consider in the early stages include Vardaman Hall, the ballroom in Johnson Commons, and the Confederate Statue. This might be done in a number of ways, including accompanying plaques that provide context and an educational opportunity for students and campus visitors who are interested in our history.”

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