Sunday, January 29, 2023

Uganda Native Wins Double Decker Spring Run

imageChad Berry, Todd Griffith and Weston Liefer were announced as the 10k Overall Male winners of the 21st Annual Double Decker Spring Run.

Erin Ball, Meg Martz, Brittany Barbee, Marianna Jurss and Esther Sanders were the 10k Overall Female winners. Joseph Chebet, Charlie Dawson, Brent Gobbell, Caylen Dempsey and Michael Pyles were the 5K Overall Male winners. Morgan Winkel, Rachel Starnes and Rochelle Harwood were the 5k Overall Female winners.

“I felt good while I was running and it was one of the biggest races I’ve run this year,” said Joseph Chebet, first place overall male winner for the 5k. “The people along the way motivated me. Of course, I was happy to win.” Chebet is from Uganda–today was his first ever to visit Oxford.

The Oxford-Lafayette community showed up and showed out at the run this morning. It was a family event, with old and young alike present.

The beautiful weather this morning contributed to the upbeat spirit of the event. The atmosphere with filled with excitements for the upcoming events for the day.

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