Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Rep. Hughes: MS Supreme Court to Consider Constitutional Question of “Reading”

Jay Hughes
Jay Hughes

What is the meaning of the word “READ”? That is the constitutional question which is before the Mississippi Supreme Court.

The briefs have been filed by Speaker Gunn, Lt. Gov. Reeves and me in “GUNN vs. HUGHES” (MS S. Ct #2016-IA-00442). Oral arguments are scheduled to be heard by the entire Supreme Court (en banc) on July 19. A copy of the actual filing is attached should you wish to read it.

Article 4, Section 59 provides: “All bills shall be read in full immediately before the final vote.”

The Speaker and Lt. Governor argue in their briefs that the electronic demon chipmunk gibberish is sufficient to satisfy the requirement that bill be “read” -, particularly since the language in the Constitution is old and would have contemplated the reading device.

I contend the meaning of the word “read” should be for someone to comprehend, much like the third grade reading gate these same leaders impose on our public school children.

If the demon chipmunk satisfies the word read, then reading it aloud in Chinese or Spanish would also satisfy it.

I have pursued the judicial oversight of the legislative branch in order attempt to protect the basic integrity of the constitution and institution.

My brief was prepared by my attorney, Ray Hill, of Clayton O’Donnell (Oxford official.) THANKS RAY!!

The filed copy of the brief is provided by clicking on this link: Gunn vs. Hughes – Supreme Court Brief

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