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Lafayette Degree Candidates for Spring Semester and Summer Semester

The Lyceum. Photo by Kevin Bain/Ole Miss Communications
The Lyceum. Photo by Kevin Bain/Ole Miss Communications

The following University of Mississippi students from your area are among more than 4000 spring semester and summer semester candidates for degrees.


Mathew Alexander Tkachuck, Master of Arts

Clayton D. Adams, Juris Doctor

William James Alexander, Bachelor of Arts

Yasmeen Alqasas, B.S. in Civil Engineering

Ayse Altinakar-Tirpanci, Bachelor of Accountancy

Seth W Andrews, Bachelor of Science

Catherine B. Babb, Bachelor of Science

Cecilia A. Ballard, Specialist in Education

Bryce Michael Barlow, Bachelor of Business Administration

Markis Deion Barnes, B.S. in Electrical Engineering

Arielle Chirri Benson, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Jack Anthony Berry, Master of Accountancy

Nishal Vinoo Bhikha, B.S. in Chemical Engineering

Jacqueline Renee Bira, Bachelor of Science

Brennan Keith Black, Master of Taxation

Brennan Keith Black, Juris Doctor

Amanda Kay Bohl, Bachelor of Arts in Education

Emily Brandt, Bachelor of Science

Kathryn Allise Bridgers, Bachelor of Science

Nicholas David Briganti, Bachelor of Business Administration

Tyler Joseph Brown, Bachelor of Arts

Jasmyn Kierra Brown, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Rowan Rona Buchanan, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Mariah Lee’andrea Buford, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Annie Meaghin Burke, Doctor of Philosophy

Edward Craig Byrd, Bachelor of Business Administration

Zachary Davis Cain, Bachelor of Accountancy

Derek T. Cantrell, Juris Doctor

Elizabeth Crawford Carr, Master of Education

Willis Cortez Certion, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Bela J. Chain, Bachelor of General Studies

Aryn Whitney Chambers, Bachelor of Science

Torrie Brooke Champion, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Noel Thomas Childress, Master of Arts

Ricky Clayton, Bachelor of Social Work

Courtney Danae Clements, Bachelor of General Studies

Richard L. Clifton, Juris Doctor

Christopher James Colbeck, Master of Arts

Andrea Amelia Colston, Bachelor of Science

Allison Castle Combs, Master of Arts

John Raymond Cornely, Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Admin

Maia Cotelo, Bachelor of Arts

Misty N. Cowherd, Juris Doctor

William Justin Crosby, Bachelor of General Studies

Joshua Grant Cuthbert, Master of Science in Exercise Science

Abby Elizabeth Daniels, Bachelor of Science

Nico Donal Dantzler, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Kevin Caleb Davidson, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Mallory Leigh Davis, Bachelor of Science

Chad Tyler Davis, Master of Arts

Sterling Bowie Davis, Bachelor of Business Administration

Raymond Marion Dearman, Bachelor of Business Administration

Anthony John Dicandia, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Dominiqua Dickey, Master of Fine Arts

Austin Lee Dorris, Bachelor of Arts

Meredith Huston Douglas, Bachelor of Science

Jewell Dorothy Downey, Bachelor of Arts

Megan Elizabeth Drewrey, Bachelor of Science

Rachel Randi Edwards, Bachelor of Arts

Katherine Carter Ellmer, Bachelor of Arts in Education

Asheton Elizabeth Fearing, Master of Social Work

Cameron Sol Feinberg, Bachelor of Business Administration

Sidney B. Fligel, Juris Doctor

Matthew Tyler Fortenberry, Bachelor of Arts

Elizabeth Ruth Fowlkes, Master of Education

Chloe Lynn Fricker, Bachelor of Arts

Veenadhari Gadepalli, Doctor of Pharmacy

Robert Douglass Gage, Bachelor of Business Administration

Madelynne Gaines, Bachelor of Science

Roya Gordji, Bachelor of Engineering

Christine Lindsey Goss, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Hunter Glyn Gossett, B.S. in Computer Science

Grayson Lee Gowen, Bachelor of Arts

John Graeber, Bachelor of Business Administration

Jordan Granier, Bachelor of Arts

Melissa Anne Graves, Doctor of Philosophy

Holli Gale Haley, Bachelor of Arts in Education

Michael Hunt Halford, Bachelor of Science

Hayley Ann Hamann, Bachelor of Arts

Hayley Ann Hamann, Bachelor of Business Administration

Zachary Scott Hampton, B.S. in Chemical Engineering

Emily Jane Hargrove, Bachelor of Arts in Education

Haven Elisabeth Harris, Bachelor of Arts in Education

Daniel Hart, Master of Arts

Robert Bryan Hawks, Master of Arts

David William Reid Heckel, Bachelor of General Studies

Wilson Woodward Helmhout, Bachelor of Arts

Connor Michael Hennessey, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Andrew Mitchell Henry, Master of Science in Engineering Science

Peshani Herath, Bachelor of Science

Peshani Herath, B.S. in Geological Engineering

Ann-Marie Herod, Bachelor of Arts

Ann-Marie Herod, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

William Brooks Hillhouse, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Jean Sarah Hoffheimer, Master of Arts

Daniel Coulbourn Holloran II, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Sheila Rachelle Horne, Bachelor of General Studies

William Augustus Hudson, Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Admin

Lillian Buckner Hughes, Bachelor of Science

Kaley Paige Humble, Master of Arts

Samuel Stribling Hunter, Bachelor of Accountancy

Adam Leon Hyland, Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Admin

Emily Irvin, Master of Science

Woongsik Jang, Bachelor of Accountancy

Molly Ann Jarrell, Bachelor of Accountancy

Molly Ann Jarrell, Bachelor of Business Administration

Robert Carter Johnson, Doctor of Pharmacy

Katie Marie Jones, Bachelor of Arts

Jennings Duggan Jordan, Bachelor of Science

Garrett Michael Kalem, Bachelor of Arts

Mohammad Talha Khalid, Bachelor of Business Administration

Meredith King, Master of Arts

Katherine Sullivan Krouse, Bachelor of Science

Marietta Bridges Lamar, Bachelor of Arts

Tiffany Monet’ Lambert-Lucas, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

William Richard Lang, Bachelor of Arts

Elizabeth Patricia Leary, Bachelor of Arts

Mary-Haston Leary, Doctor of Pharmacy

Sharon SuzAnne Liddell, Doctor of Philosophy

Joshua D. Lohn, Juris Doctor

Scott Wilson Long, Bachelor of Arts

Lizdaimar Lopez Guzman, Master of Arts

Melissa Jane Loria, Doctor of Philosophy

Amanda Katherine Malloy, Master of Arts

John Rodes Martin, Master of Criminal Justice

Haley Brianne Mathis, Juris Doctor

Kayla Corinne McCarty, Bachelor of Business Administration

Macy Ann McCarty, Juris Doctor

Owen Joseph McIntosh, Bachelor of Business Administration

Jeffrey Cole Moore, Bachelor of Accountancy

Austin Mullink, Bachelor of Business Administration

Mikael Naylor, B.S. in Electrical Engineering

Mikael Naylor, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Heather Lynn Neilson, Bachelor of Science

Taylor Nevitt Nelson, Bachelor of Arts

Anne Hunter Nicholas, Master of Science

Stuart Val Nielsen, Doctor of Philosophy

Rachel Leigh Noyes, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Harrison H. Parker, Juris Doctor

Stewart Thomas Parks, Bachelor of Arts

James Walter Parrett, Doctor of Pharmacy

Huong Pham, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Lauren Fleurann Phelps, B.S. in Chemical Engineering

Bridget Joan Piculell, Doctor of Philosophy

Benjamin Pinon, Master of Business Administration

Whitney Lewis Purvis, Bachelor of Business Administration

Matthew Purvis, Doctor of Pharmacy

Grace Carolina Quintana Escobar, Bachelor of Science

Caitlin Ramage, Master of Arts

Jordan Bailey Redmon, Juris Doctor

Chelsea Rodman Riches, Master of Music

Brandon H Riches, Juris Doctor

Emily Anne Robertson, Juris Doctor

Matthew A Rogers, Juris Doctor

Devin Charles Rossetti, B.S. in Computer Science

Sarah Gaines Russell, Bachelor of Science

Mary Helen Rychlak, Bachelor of Arts in Education

Meredith Myers Sanford, Bachelor of Arts

Sidra Sarker, Doctor of Pharmacy

Kale Patrick Scheuermann, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Jonathan Morgan Scott, Bachelor of Arts

Patrick Edward Shields, Bachelor of Business Administration

Tahmina Shirmeen, Master of Science in Engineering Science

Robert M. Shoptaw, Juris Doctor

Jessica Foshee Simpson, Doctor of Philosophy

William Brant Sisson, Bachelor of Accountancy

Candice Michelle Stanford, Master of Science

Devon Carolyn Steele, Bachelor of Business Administration

Lauren Taylor Stephens, Bachelor of Arts

Blake Andrew Stevens, Juris Doctor

April Marie Strickland, Doctor of Pharmacy

Samuel Joseph Swindall, Bachelor of Business Administration

Emily Diane Swords, Bachelor of Arts in Education

Shanda June Taylor, Master of Arts

Parun Thamutok, B.S. in Electrical Engineering

Megan Claire Theus, Doctor of Pharmacy

Nathan Alexander Towery, Bachelor of General Studies

David Cong Tran, Master of Fine Arts

Mary Hope McConnell Tulchinsky, Master of Arts

Asad Waheed Uddin, Bachelor of Arts

Candace Aleah Vinson, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Viet  Nguyen Thihong Walin, Bachelor of Science

Kenneth Loyd Warren, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Matthew Z. Weaver, Master of Arts

Peter Jewel Weiss, Master of Science

Ashlee Joy Welch, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Kymberlee Denise Wells, Bachelor of General Studies

Charles Edgar Wentling, B.S. in Geological Engineering

Christopher Lloyd Williams, Bachelor of Arts

Tina Taylor Williams, Bachelor of General Studies

Theronica Nichelle Woods, Bachelor of Arts

Taylor R. Yetter, Juris Doctor

John N. Yi, Bachelor of Science

Marcus Anthony Young, Bachelor of Arts

Alexis St. John Worth, Bachelor of Science

Jennifer Palar, Doctor of Philosophy

Justin Caballero, Bachelor of Business Administration

Garreth Blake Gardner, Master of Arts

Robert Michael Craven, B.S. in Chemical Engineering



Marcela Weber, Master of Arts

Geoffrey Ross Abrams, B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Brian Adams, Master of Education

Fernando Alessandri, Doctor of Philosophy

Christopher Michael Andreoli, Master of Taxation

Elizabeth Drew Austin, Master of Accountancy

Keith Aaron Babb, Bachelor of Business Administration

Austin Charles Baehr, Bachelor of Arts

Sarah Ashley Ball, Doctor of Philosophy

Luke Joseph Blakeney, B.S. in Computer Science

Terrica Tenae Booker, Bachelor of Business Administration

Lakeshia Ilene Brock, Bachelor of Arts

Lakeshia Ilene Brock, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Jeremy Leondrick Buford, Bachelor of General Studies

Connor Shea Burnett, Bachelor of Arts

Christopher Buttgen, Master of Arts

Jeff Ross Capwell, Bachelor of Accountancy

Jacob Alan Castle, Bachelor of Paralegal Studies

Jordan Quinn Chandler, Bachelor of Arts

Anna Gwyn McClure Clemons, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Lucy Jackson Coleman, Bachelor of Science

Nakeshia Lashay Coleman, Bachelor of Social Work

Kaitlyn Anne Crawford, Bachelor of Science

David John Culp Jr, Doctor of Philosophy

Amy Hester Daniels, Master of Education

Kristin Elizabeth Davidson, Doctor of Philosophy

Stephanie Cileste Donald, Bachelor of Science

Stephanie Cileste Donald, Bachelor of Arts

Jewell Dorothy Downey, Bachelor of Social Work

David George Dubois, Bachelor of Business Administration

Sarah Elizabeth Glaze, Bachelor of Accountancy

Camille Presley Graves, Bachelor of Arts

John Russell Hardman, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Zachary Lee Harrington, Master of Accountancy

Aaron Wilson Herrington, Master of Laws

Carl David Hill, Master of Arts

Marla E Holcomb, Bachelor of Arts

William Paul Hollowell, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Xiaoyun Z. Howard, Doctor of Philosophy

Honor Rose Humphrey, Juris Doctor

Precious Kershawn Hunt, Bachelor of Accountancy

Celina Stephanie Ivy, Bachelor of General Studies

Woongsik Jang, Bachelor of Business Administration

Bradley Paul Jenkins, Bachelor of General Studies

John Richard Jenks, Master of Arts

Tyler Lydell Johnson, Bachelor of Science

Damien Lawayne Joiner, Bachelor of Business Administration

Kafieh Khalili, Bachelor of Social Work

Alison Renee Kinnaman, Bachelor of Accountancy

Robert Moyer Kinney, Bachelor of Accountancy

Cody Koon, Bachelor of Arts

Caitlin Mary Kottenstette, Bachelor of Arts

Lyn-Michelle Lane, Master of Education

Antwain Hannibal Leach, Master of Arts

Mary Leach, Master of Arts

Jeremy Liggins, Bachelor of General Studies

Bryan Crawford Lovelace, Bachelor of Arts

Kathleen Lamb Lovelace, B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Matthew Neal Malone, Master of Health Care Administration

Rachel Kathryn Malone, Bachelor of Science

Abby Maquera, Bachelor of Science

Erica C Marconi, Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Admin

Christopher Allan Marzella, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Lauren Elizabeth Massingille, Bachelor of Business Administration

Kandice Alexandra Mayes, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Patrick Joseph McAfee, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Lauren Elizabeth McAnally, Bachelor of Arts in Education

Anna Claire McBride, Bachelor of General Studies

Kathy Celeste McCombs, Master of Arts

Marklen Joseph McQueen, Bachelor of Business Administration

Stephen Lee Moore, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Rita Gaye Morgan, Doctor of Philosophy

Catherine Grace Norris, Bachelor of Science

Meaghan Antoinette O’Connor, Master of Education

Mary Margaret O’keefe, B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Grace Gregory Orman, B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mallory Lynn Pace, Master of Social Work

Taylor Brooke Padgett, Bachelor of General Studies

Kelsey Hope Raymer, B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ruby Jean Reithel, Bachelor of Arts

Abbie Robinson, Master of Education

Mackenzie N. Robinson, Master of Business Administration

Ian Harris Rone, Bachelor of Arts

Sophia Frances Ronzetti, Bachelor of Accountancy

Thomas Jackson Schultz, Bachelor of Arts

Soumya Sharma, Bachelor of Arts

Anastasia Louise Siebenaler, Master of Education

Amanda Rebecca Simpson, Bachelor of Accountancy

Austin Myles Smith, Bachelor of Science

Alexandra Spencer, B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Martha Waite Spragins, Master of Social Work

Benjamin David Stepp, Master of Education

Elijah Houston Stevens, Bachelor of Accountancy

Luci Rouse Strickland, Bachelor of Business Administration

Benjamin Dean Summerall, Bachelor of Business Administration

Chance Hammond Taylor, Bachelor of Business Administration

Patricia Kolonahe Tortora, Master of Social Work

Morgan Leigh Trevathan, Master of Education

Arnissa Sharde Tyson, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Jennifer Ann Urban, Master of Laws

Michael Andrew Vice, Doctor of Philosophy

Eugenia Maddox Watkins, Bachelor of Science

Ryan Watkins, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Michael Tyler Watts, Bachelor of General Studies

Kelsey Anne Werner, B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Yashica Wesson, Bachelor of Social Work

Zachary Wallace Wilder, Bachelor of Accountancy

John Russell Wright, Bachelor of Arts

Taryn Anne Ternberg, Bachelor of Arts in Education

Scott Blusiewicz, Master of Arts

Neely Kathryn Meadors, Bachelor of Accountancy

Natalie Smith Piznar, Bachelor of Accountancy

Andrew Dale Almand, Doctor of Philosophy

Virginia Otela Holman, Master of Taxation


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