Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Local Fitness Studio Raises Money For The Farese, Poole, Perry Families By Burning Calories

Orangetheory Fitness had a fundraiser in support of the Oxford Family Memorial Fund for the three couples killed in the plane crash in August. All of the families were big contributors to the community and were all beloved by all of Oxford.


The Poole’s and the Perry’s were very dear members here at Orangetheory Fitness Oxford.

Rebecca Flores, sales associate of Orangetheory Fitness, said, “We wanted to help their families as much as we could since we are all a family here at OTF Oxford.”

Orangetheory Fitness raised the money in a very creative way by measuring splat points. Each splat point was equal to $1 that was contributed to the fund by Orangetheory Fitness Oxford. There were eight classes that day, each class’ splat points were combined and totaled to 3,161 splat points, meaning Orangetheory Fitness raised a total of $3,161 for the Oxford Family Memorial Fund.


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