Monday, September 25, 2023

New Steakhouse To Bring Fine Dining In A Rustic Setting

Randall Swaney, owner of Marshall Steakhouse, and friend Jim Robinson.
Marshall Steakhouse in Holly Springs will open May 15 as one of the largest steakhouses in Mississippi. The new restaurant will feature a variety of casual dining options with the flare of fine dining menu items.

The steakhouse will seat more than 350 people inside in ladder-back chairs that complement the 300-year-old, White-Oak slab table tops.
“With this much seating, we hope never to have a wait,” said Randall Swaney, owner of Marshall Steakhouse. “People can stop in on their way down to Oxford for football games or on their way back from them and know that they can have a seat right away.”
In addition to the large inside dining area and full-service menu, which consist of steak dinners, freshly caught seafood and a variety of side dishes, the restaurant will offer a unique outdoor dining option where guests can cook their own meal.

There will be 25 outdoor picnic tables with park-style charcoal grills. Guests will be able to order meat from the counter inside the restaurant and take it outside to cook at the grills. Side items are also available to be purchased, and staff will assist with lighting the charcoal grills if needed. 
“We will have ready-made side dishes such as coleslaw to go along with the meats,” Swaney said. “You can also order fries to go with your meal at the outside grills. We’ll have a fry hotline you can call when your meat is almost ready. When we get that call, we’ll drop a batch of hand-cut fries, and our fry runner will run them out to your area to be served hot with your grilled meat.” 
The steakhouse will also draw guests who are up for a food challenge. The 72-ounce steak challenge will take place at a reserved table located under the restaurant’s chandelier made from a repurposed wagon wheel.  
“We will have a steak dinner challenge with four pounds of meat,” Swaney said. “It is modeled after the famous steak dinner challenge in Texas. If a person can eat a 72-ounce steak, baked potato, salad and shrimp cocktail in less than an hour, the meal is free. If they don’t finish it in an hour, it costs $89.”
Other exciting additions to the restaurant include wood burning fire pits to keep the restaurant warm in the winter, decades-old tin to decorate the walls and roof, nine cast-iron fans, a 2,500-pound bar top made from White Oak, a concert area and dance floor, and a 3,000 square foot patio that can be reserved for private events such as parties or class reunions. 
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