Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Jay Hughes: What Mental Health Cuts Mean For You

MENTAL HEALTH CUTS: Leadership’s claim of “Living within our means” MEANS cutting critical lifeline services to mental health, children, disabled and elderly – BUT, by all MEANS, don’t delay those $400 million corporate welfare checks to the right campaign donors.
ENDING CRITICAL CARE: This is what life is like in the real world of MENTAL HEALTH cuts of $19 million because of the “REVENUE SHORTFALLS” (a spin term for budget crisis):
Eliminating 650 employees this next year, like $8.05/Hr Direct Care Workers.
Immediately stopping admissions to five IDD Regional Programs (Hudspeth, Boswell, Ellisville, South MS and North MS Regional Center).
Immediately stopping admission to nursing homes at East MS and MS State Hospital.
Just because people with mental health issues are not treated does not mean they magically disappear. They end up hurting themselves or others, or ending up in your local jails for local tax dollars to simply “house” them instead of treat them.
This is a crying shame. We MUST do better!
Smells like a little punishment for not letting the future governor take control of DMH.

Jay HughesOxford lawyer Jay Hughes serves the 12th District in the Mississippi House of Representatives. He can be contacted at jayfordistrict12@gmail.com.
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