Monday, May 29, 2023

Oxford’s Antique Malls Showcase History From Around The World

Take a stroll through Oxford’s antique malls and get a glimpse of American and European history. Items with rich history, and several that have made their way to Oxford from around the world, fill the rooms of places like Oxford’s Sugar Magnolia, Three Southern Chicks, The Mustard Seed and The Depot. 

Intaglios at Sugar Magnolia

If you’re traveling through, you might want to take a look at the unique Intaglios at Sugar Magnolia. Intaglios were European carvings given to wealthy travelers on their journeys.  Sugar Magnolia has superbly crafted reproductions of the Intaglios which are about 2 X 3” displayed on a framed matt. 
Intaglios were used as souvenirs by travelers much like we use photos today. The reproductions are hand-crafted replicas. Several Intaglios are available at an average price of about $125. Sugar Magnolia is located on 1919 University Ave. 
RCA Victrola Mark Eight Stereo at The Mustard Seed

For a glimpse of retro America, take a look at the RCA Victrola Mark Eight Stereo in a handsome wood cabinet.  If you have some vinyl records, which are making a comeback, this unit is fully operational with 78 rpm turntable, AM and FM radio and 8-track player for only $105. (Available at The Mustard Seed, 1901 Jackson Ave.)
Firkin bucket at Three Southern Chicks

Or, you can step into the 1800s with the purchase of a primitive Firkin Bucket for $80 at Three Southern Chicks located on Highway 30 East. Firkins are bucket-like, wooden pails. A Firkin, generally, is a liquid measure consisting of a quarter of a barrel or eight gallons. 
You may also want to see the beautiful walnut Victorian dresser with marble tops at The Depot. Take it home for just $550.
Victorian Dresser at The Depot

There is much more to see and enjoy, so be sure to plan at least an hour – or more — at each venue.

By Jim Roberts
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