Tuesday, October 3, 2023

8 Ideas for an Ole Miss-Inspired Halloween Costume

Looking for a Halloween costume that will be a hit on campus? What better way than to dress up as one of Ole Miss’ very own trademarks? Here are a few ideas you can put together to show off your school spirit:

The Landshark

Celebrate our new mascot and be a landshark for Halloween! Look, even Auburn was jealous of this fun getup! #FINSUP
What you need:
A shark head from Walmart
Blue or gray shirt/leggings/shoes
Katy Perry

Take it back to when our #1 fan helped us celebrate the Rebels’ 2014 win against Bama! #ESPNGAMEDAY
What to wear:
A red Ole Miss visor
Two red spray-painted pig-tail buns
An Ole Miss jersey and leather jacket
Red pom-pom
Grove Squirrel

Nothing brings joy to people like our overly-interactive Grove squirrels! They are #NUTS.
All you need is:
Squirrel ears
A brown sweatshirt/leggings/shoes
A brown boa for the tail

Grove Trash Can

Trash-Can Friday can bring the excitement of a holiday itself! Get the same reaction the Grove does on game day with this funny costume! #TRASHCANFRIDAY
What to do:
Cut a hole in the bottom and sides of a trash can
Spray paint the trash can red or blue
Wear your Grove trash can like you would a suit!
Retired Black Bear

He may not be our mascot anymore, but the bear will forever be a part of Ole Miss’ history. #BYEBYEBEAR
What to wear:
Black bear ears
Painted on black nose and whiskers
Black long-sleeve shirt and pants
Ole Miss jersey
“Will Work for Honey” cardboard sign
Fraternity Pledge

You can never go wrong imitating the typical fraternity boy. #FRATLIFE
All you need is:
A men’s collared shirt
A blazer and tie
Red Solo Cup

A red Solo cup is one thing you are guaranteed to see in fans’ hands on game day in the Grove. #CHEERS
What to do:
Tape half-cut Solo cups onto a red shirt
Wear red pants and red Converse shoes
Maybe tape on a straw or two if you’re feeling fancy!
Sorority Girl on Bid Day

One of Ole Miss’ favorite holidays is Bid Day! Support #PANHELLENICLOVE with:
What to wear:
A Bid Day jersey
Paint and sparkles
A flower crown
Nike shorts and Converse shoes
Have a Happy Halloween Rebel fans! HOTTY TODDY!

Mackenzie Tranberg is an intern for HottyToddy.com.