Sunday, April 2, 2023

VIDEO: Halloween Costumes: Mermaids and Astronauts and Hugh Hefner, Oh My!

Whether you’re eight, 58 or somewhere in between, Oxford has something for you to do on Halloween. From the Haunted Forest in Avent Park to the Haunted House at the Oxford Police Department, you’re sure to find something to scare you or treat you.
“Last year we had probably 1,000 or more people come through. All the money goes to the Peace Officers Association here at the police department,” Bridgette Frierson said.
Not interested in being frightened this year? There is a monster-less event for you. Families and young children are invited to a Healthy Halloween Carnival at Magnolia Montessori School.
Now, what to wear?
“We’ve had a lot of [costumes] for astronauts go out. We’ve had a lot of little cute, sexy things go out. Hugh Hefner is making his appearance since he passed,” said Norma Prewitt of Jo’s Costume Shop.
“I think a lot of the girls are going to be mermaids. There might be a couple Donald Trumps here and there, but I’m gonna be a lion,” a shopper said.
Newswatch Ole Miss’ Courtney Kamm visited Jo’s Costume Shop and other Halloween sites and came back with this report:

Courtney Kamm is a journalism major at Ole Miss.