Monday, September 28, 2020

America's Escape Game Oxford: We Can Be Heroes Just for One Hour (With Video)

Teams of six to eight people can participate in live gaming scenarios at America’s Escape Game.

You’re the only hope against a disease sweeping the world. You’re on a mission to save humanity from a mad scientist and his deadly experiments. You’re a tourist trapped in the White House and the nation’s only hope for survival against a terrorist attack. Can you escape?
As you and your team search desperately for the next clue, the clock in the corner continues to run down towards zero. Time is running out. You begin yelling that you need a hint, and then you hear the voice. Addressing the room through a loudspeaker, the gamemaster gives you a cryptic piece of information that is also exactly what you need to know. Your team is now off and running to the next puzzle. You throw a look over your shoulder and realize that 60 minutes has never seemed so short. 
With the recent opening of America’s Escape Game in Oxford – located at 1621 Jackson Avenue West – locals and visitors can experience these situations firsthand. In the scenario titled “Crisis at 1600,” team members are visitors at the White House when a terrorist attack is launched on the nation. The only hope for survival is to break into the Oval Office and disarm the missile. In “The Caretaker” scenario, team members must save a local man from the strange experiments of Dr. Vermillion. In “Pandemic,” the team is the world’s only hope against a disease stronger and more widespread than the black plague. 
To win or “escape” these scenarios, teams of six to eight people work together to answer riddles, discover clues, find patterns, unscramble messages, unlock boxes and doors, and accomplish their mission. Teams are given 60 minutes and three clues from their gamemaster, the person who is watching the game play out through cameras in the room. 
“I’ve played escape games in Nashville, Memphis, Orlando and Tupelo,” said Ray Jackson, a local escape game enthusiast. “I’m so excited Oxford finally has one and one that is such a popular brand.”
Over the past few years, escape games have been taking the world by storm. Franchises have expanded and independent businesses have popped up in towns around the world. These games combine intelligence and problem solving with suspense and purpose, truly making the player a part of the game.
America’s Escape Game is open Thursday-Sunday. Visit America’s Escape Game Oxford website to learn more. 


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