Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Where Dat King Cake? 5 Oxford Spots Selling the Mardi Gras Dessert

By Anna Grace Usery

Although the phrase “laissez les bons temps rouler”—let the good times roll—is typically heard around an abundance of beer and crawfish in the confines of Cajun country during Mardi Gras, several Oxford restaurants and bakeries are offering a little slice of the holiday without the hustle and bustle of parades. 

The purple, green and yellow sugary dessert can only be described as a massive cinnamon roll with a thick layer of hard shell icing. The most iconic feature of the dessert, though, is its “baby” baked into an unknown portion of the cake. Legend has it, the person who gets the slice with the small, plastic fetus should have good luck for the next year…or a broken tooth if not careful.

Check the list to see if your favorite bakery or restaurant is offering the dessert, and don’t forget to let the good times (cinnamon) roll. 

  1. Tallahatchie Gourmet 

After the manager made a run to New Orleans this past weekend to bring back Randazzo’s original King Cakes, a cashier at Tallahatchie Gourmet said the eatery is stocked with cakes. They will also have some homemade cakes from Michelle Zerangue, who bakes the rest of Tallahatchie’s delectable goods. 

P.S. – I hear Michelle has more than 30 years of experience and is from the Mardi Gras-loving state herself. 

Randazzo king cakes are $30 for the original and $35 for the cream cheese. Homemade king cakes are $20 for the cinnamon and $25 for the cream cheese and pecan praline. 

2. Beagle Bagel 

After grabbing your morning coffee and bagel at Beagle Bagel, be sure to snag a king cake from this Mississippi-institution. At $24 plus tax, these homemade delicacies are sure to sell fast.

3. Bottletree Bakery

Still following your New Year’s resolution of no sugar and no sweets? Don’t be afraid to cheat just a little, because Bottletree is offering slices of king cake for $3. Rest assured – you can still get a full, homemade cake (even if you don’t share with others) for $38 at this local bakery. Full size cakes must be ordered ahead of time. 

4. The Cakery

For those living and working on the other side of University Ave., The Cakery will also have king cakes for purchase. Though they may not show up in the dessert case at the restaurant, the manager said they can be made to order for $35. 

5. Smallcakes

Oxford’s newest cupcakery is also joining the king cake craze. Though the day’s selection of cupcakes is at the discretion of the baker, king cake cupcakes are available today (Jan . 24) and for special order. Regular cupcakes are $3.50 and a special order of mini king cake cupcakes is $18. Check the Smallcakes Facebook page for a list of cupcakes in the restaurant each day.

Bonus: Funky’s

If drinking calories is your thing, be sure to snag a king cake daiquiri at Funky’s on the Square. The thick, rich, milkshake-like drink can be purchased for $7, but on Tuesdays and Sundays it’s only $5. The manager said they’ll be pouring king cake daiquiris until the last beads fall at Mardi Gras.